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Kristine Anderson Wylie

Kristine Anderson Wylie

- Author, Creator

AL DENTE! Big Green 100% millet pasta is the only pasta good enough for my customers. As the creator of the world’s first Lectin Free Gourmet Foodie Box, I formulate a new and tasty pasta meal kit every season. I require THE BEST lectin free pasta to keep subscribers excited for the next box. Big Green Organic 100% millet pasta is the ONLY pasta that meets my high standards. With a wide variety of shapes, Big Green gives me an endless possibility of pasta kits I can create. I trust this pasta to cook up “to the tooth” every time, to be firm, and hold its shape. And most importantly I love the taste, which rivals Italian semolina pastas.  Find me at Instagram @Lectin_Free_Gourmet

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