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Product Questions


Why is it called "New Concept" pasta? 

We believe healthy food should have three or less ingredients, therefore we created Big Green Organic "New Concept" pasta, where each product is made with one single ingredient! We do not add any binding agents to our pasta.

Is Big Green Organic Pasta Organic?

Yes! Our products have organic certification from either ECO-CERT, IBD, or CERES.

Is Big Green Organic Pasta Gluten-Free?

Yes! Our products are gluten-free, and are produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility. 

Is Big Green Organic Pasta Non-GMO?

Yes! Our products are Non-GMO.

Is Big Green Organic Pasta Allergen-Free?

Our products are not made with ingredients that include "major food allergens" as defined by the FDA. 

Is Big Green Organic Pasta Kosher?

Yes! Our products are certified Kosher. 

How do I prepare Big Green Organic Pasta?

Usually cooks about 10-15 minutes. Start tasting the pasta about a minute before the shortest cook time on the box. All stoves are different, so we recommend tasting noodles until they reach your desired texture. When the pasta reaches your preferred texture, strain it, and rinse under water as you strain. Rinsing the pasta after cooking removes the starch that forms during the cooking process. You can even soak it in the ice water to firm up the texture!

Some tips to decrease the foam: fill your pot with more water, turn the burner down to a lower heat, add a splash of olive oil to the water, and/or scrape some foam off the top with a spoon.


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