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Mighty Hawthorn

Organic Mighty Hawthorn Berry

Organic Hawthorn Berry

Many of us are familiar with the basics of fruit. There are apples, bananas, and berries. Heck, some of us are even familiar with organic goji berries, which make a perfect addition to homemade smoothies, overnight oats, and smoothie bowls. What about another type of fruit? We are talking about the organic Hawthorn berry. Here is your guide to everything you need to know about this fruit and its health benefits.

What is Hawthorn Berry?

The Hawthorn berry is a flowering shrub or tree belonging to the rose family. This plant contains brightly-colored fruit and thorns and grows in temperate regions of the world. Hawthorn is native to Europe, North Africa, and West Asia and often grows in dense, large thickets.

It thrives in deep, fine-textured soils that are moist, which is why many Hawthorn plants are commonly found in the woods and are sometimes used as hedges. Also known as hawthorn or English hawthorn, the hawthorn plant and its various parts have some surprising health benefits.

Health Benefits of Big Green Organic Hawthorn Berry

Historically, hawthorn has been used for digestive problems in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and kidney problems, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Hawthorn is an all-around heart tonic, serving to help strengthen and tone the cardiovascular system.

This is due in part to flavonoids, which may interact with key enzymes to help enhance the heart muscle’s ability to contract. These flavonoids may also help to increase blood and oxygen supply to the heart muscles.

Our team here at Big Green Organic has also conducted extensive research on Hawthorn, which you can access here. In some of our research, we have examined fiber and pectin. Fiber helps to control serum cholesterol levels, maintain a healthy weight and avoid the risk of obesity, prevent constipation, reduce the risk of diabetes and intestinal cancer, and stimulate beneficial microorganisms. It is safe to say fiber is small, but very mighty! Then there is pectin. Pectin may help improve cholesterol metabolism, prevent obesity, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Another two reasons why hawthorn is so beneficial to health and well-being.

It is quite clear why Hawthorn has long been praised for its heart elevating properties, as it can help promote blood flow and lower blood pressure. 

Lower blood pressure levels may even help reduce the physical symptoms that lead to feelings of anxiety. This is why Hawthorn has recently been used to treat anxiety and other medical conditions like chest pain (angina) and mild-to-moderate heart failure.

Hawthorn Berry Uses

As Hawthorn is considered a food, almost all parts of the plant can be used including its flowers, fruit, and leaves. Slightly sour and subtly sweet in taste, Hawthorn is most commonly used to make tea and is especially enjoyable after a meal that is heavy or greasy or includes a hefty serving of fats and meats.

Since warm beverages, like tea, are especially soothing for nervous complaints, a steeped cup of Hawthorn berry tea can be particularly comforting if one is feeling anxious, distraught, or stressed. Simply immerse Hawthorn berry with hot water, let it steep for a few minutes, then sit quietly, sip and enjoy. You can even include a pinch or two of other spices like cinnamon, coriander, and cumin to add additional layers of flavors and notes to your soothing mug of tea.

The vibrant red berries of the Hawthorn plant are also used to garnish handcrafted cocktails and smoothies. They even pair perfectly with your favorite desserts and sweet treats like baked goods, cakes, ice cream, and pies. Hawthorn berries are sometimes transformed into gummy-like candies. 

Widely available and rather tasty, Hawthorn berries can be enjoyed freeze-dried or in other forms such as dietary supplements. Some popular forms of Hawthorn supplements include capsules, liquid extracts, solid extracts, and tinctures. 

Organic Hawthorn Berries

Certified kosher and USDA Organic, our Hawthorn berries are gluten-free, non-GMO, and unsweetened. Freeze-dried and pitted for your convenience, our organic Hawthorn berries do not contain any preservatives and are completely vegan, so no matter what your dietary restrictions or lifestyle, you can most likely enjoy a serving (or two) of Hawthorn berries.

At only 25 calories per serving, Hawthorn berries are a delicious and easy way to add a punch of health benefits to your wellness routine. Need some culinary inspiration? Check out some of our favorite Hawthorn berry recipes below.

Hawthorn Berry Recipes

Mighty Hawthorn Smoothie

1.) Soak 3-4 Organic Freeze-Dried Mighty Hawthorn berries in hot water for 10-15 minutes until they soften.

2.) Blend the Hawthorn berries with milk and ice. Try adding other fruits as well, such as bananas, blueberries, and strawberries. Add your favorite protein powder and enjoy a nutritious handcrafted smoothie.

Mighty Hawthorn Sweet Treat

1.) Soak 3-4 Organic Freeze-Dried Mighty Hawthorn berries in hot water for 10-15 minutes until they soften.

2.) Use the soft Hawthorn berries to decorate your favorite cake, ice cream, or pie.

3.) Alternatively, liquify the soft Hawthorn berries in a blender. You may add other fruit purees to make a fruit cake filling or homemade jam.

Real Mighty Hawthorn Tea

1.) Add 2-3 Organic Freeze-Dried Mighty Hawthorn berries in a cup of hot water.

2.) Steep for 10-15 minutes. You may add one of your favorite sweeteners such as agave, honey, or sugar.

3.) Enjoy a cup of Real Mighty Hawthorn Berry tea.

The next time you stock up on a supply of berries, do not forget to include Organic Hawthorn Berry on your shopping list. Full of flavor, Hawthorn berries include a variety of health benefits and are an incredibly versatile fruit to add to any of your favorite recipes.

Organic Hawthorn Berry Tea

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