Purple Yam Ramen

Purple yam is a tasty addition to many dishes and adds a unique color to them. Its nutritional value and sweet potato-like texture make it an excellent edible tuber. The savory vegetable is replete with many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It regulates metabolism, controls weight, raises good cholesterol levels, and offers various healing benefits

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Our Organic Pasta

  • Zuliya Khawaja - Owner, Creator, Plant-Based Educator, Health Coach

    I have been using Big Green Organic Food Gluten Free pastas now for few months and I absolutely love them. They have a really good texture. They are perfect for your traditional pasta recipes or cold pasta salads and Noodle soups. Most rice or bean based pastas we used in the past, have an after taste but their pastas taste great and no aftertaste. I love how they use organic ingredients to create their pasta products. My entire family is hooked on these. We don't use traditional high carb pastas anymore thanks to BGO gluten free pastas.

  • Kristine Anderson Wylie - Author, Creator

    AL DENTE! Big Green 100% millet pasta is the only pasta good enough for my customers. As the creator of the world’s first Lectin Free Gourmet Foodie Box, I formulate a new and tasty pasta meal kit every season. I require THE BEST lectin free pasta to keep subscribers excited for the next box. Big Green Organic 100% millet pasta is the ONLY pasta that meets my high standards. With a wide variety of shapes, Big Green gives me an endless possibility of pasta kits I can create. I trust this pasta to cook up “to the tooth” every time, to be firm, and hold its shape. And most importantly I love the taste, which rivals Italian semolina pastas.

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  • Gina Hill - Author, Creator

    Their lectin-free Capellini, Rotini, Penne, and Ramen not only meets the lectin-free guidelines, and they're the only Plant Paradox approved pasta that actually tastes like real pasta! I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. The texture and taste perfectly compares to traditional pastas. I appreciate that you offer several options for us gluten-free and lectin-free peeps! Absolutely phenomenal!