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About Us



Big Green (USA) Inc. was founded in 1998. We started importing food products by developing formulas with the manufacturers using natural ingredients without preservatives and artificial additives. The products have been distributed to Asian communities nationwide since then.


In 2010, inspired by a question asked by the founder’s wife, “why don’t you use what you learned from college to promote organic product?”, we started to work closer with organic farms, producers and suppliers. Since 2017, we have collaborated with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where the founder earned a graduate degree , to research the functional characteristics of the organic ingredients we use. Our intent is to share the scientific research data with consumers and develop healthy and functional foods.


We hope all our efforts will bring people organic and natural foods for health and wellness.



We are committed to using and providing non-GMO, natural and organic ingredients for our consumers. We integrate manufacturing, research and development, marketing and distributing to make our products natural and organic, minimally processed, environmentally conscious and healthy. Our business activities always consider environmental sustainability and fair trade.